Board Game Racism

Board game Racism


For my casual game, I have been writing about the board game turned mobile game Catan.  This was a difficult piece to write about because of the lack of publicity the game has as a mobile game so there were very few blogs that discussed the game.  I did however, find an article that discussed board games being more racist with their depictions of ethnic people in comparison to mobile games. The argument of the piece was that since mobile games came out more recently so the political correctness of the current time period was more stringent in comparison to the time when the board game came out.  They one board game and two video games to compare and contrast the racial representation of the three games. They found that the board game, despite being the most cartoonish game, was indeed the most racist with its depiction of the various ethnic groups. The opposite was true with my game Catan.  The mobile game portrays a more racial questionable set of avatars while the board game does not have any avatars so there is no opportunity to have questionable representation.  The clothing choices for the characters is what, in my opinion, makes the avatar creations more suggestive to stereotyped thoughts. Besides this suggestive clothing choices in the mobile game however, the game as a whole is pretty inclusive and not overly negative with its representation of its avatars.  All in all, I personally think it is up to the game itself and the setting of the game. If the game is set in 1940’s Warsaw it could potentially be represented in an overly stereotyped way. Catan however, as a whole, does a great job with inclusivity and has very little potential red flags when it comes to political correctness with respect to its representation of the various ethnic groups portrayed in the game.


(Representation of a robber)

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